It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Saul Bass. 1963.

That all encapsualting graphic discipline of the main title is often epitomised in motion design. Concentrating the visual as the emotional into those opening moments of a film have their roots firmly planted in the works of Saul Bass, Maurice Binder and Pablo Ferro. Little has changed in the form since then (although its beginning to, so stay logged on!) and we can clearly follow its progression in to other creative areas such as the music video and commercials right up until the present day. There are plenty of references and articles that have delved into this often laid-aside art form and I thought it necessary to list a few of the quality ones here for reference.

Etienne Mineur is a professor at the French Film school, Louis Lumière. He writes a wonderful blog on all matters in design and kindly put together a compilation of some of the works of Bass, Binder, Ferro and not forgetting the present day Kyle Cooper.
>>> Watch here.

Emily King wrote an extensive essay on the history of film titles. It’s an excellent and thoughtful read on the work of the major players in the field with in-depth perspectives on the economical and sexual as well as the artistic and historical.
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A whole site dedicated to Saul Bass. >>> Here
Maybe some day, they’ll loosen up the rights over this man’s work and someone will get together a DVD of interest. He surely must have had more than an anecdote working with the likes of Hitchcock, Preminger and Scorsese.

A new online archive of titles is being developed at Submarinechannel. It’s one to keep your eye on.
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