Narrative can be expressed through subtle use of mood, aesthetics and musical orchestration. In this short film, ‘The Money’ by Everyday Okay, we are led through poetic verse inked by potent red signification which juxtaposes with virgin landscape. Abstract signs appear amid these beautifully composed vignettes hinting at some kind of typographic message. The aged look instills an ominous presence, highlighted by the musical composition, giving a thought provoking and emotionally encapsulating short worthy of attention.

Everyday Okay are Australia based Joel Harmsworth (writer, director) & Simone Govic (producer). Here is a brief description of their work in their own words :

“Briefly – our work so far has been short films experimenting with genre and intertwining audio with the visuals. In most cases we try to get as much captured in-camera as possible, hands on, though still rely heavily on post-production to drive the narrative (CG, titles etc) and dirty up the frame.

Aesthetically we aim to create work that has an analogue feel to it – not only to create a sense of nostalgia, but also a feeling of unease – where the audience aren’t sure if this is some old reel or what exactly is happening here.

At the moment we are juggling a few projects, including going into pre-production for a feature length.”
Joel Harmsworth.

>>> Watch in Stereo here.