It won’t be long now before I get my interactive dining room table. I’ll be able to share documents, pictures, information (and donuts), on and off line, with physical as well as virtual people to share the experience on one big screen. The idea of the table is in perfect harmony with how we socialise and this is the most important point in terms of interactive possibilities. Beyond its purely physical presence, the table has a practical purpose, it is a cultural object, around which we meet, discuss, eat and indeed play. Next time I want to dig up a recipe for Lancashire Hotpot, show my guests a picture of the rare 1973 Merlot we washed down the stilton or have a game of on line Chinese chess, then it will be only a matter of fingertip flourishes. It all sounds a tad commercial, I’m not selling this thing, honestly. Seriously though, I do like the interactive possibilities of tables and their potential as an interface for communicating clearly and efficiently a lot of information. One of the major developments in this technology has been the possibility for multi-touch, meaning that other people can interact on the screen at the same time. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a few more of these tables in public spaces where we need them – Airports, train stations, city centres……

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