Bob Greenberg and his brother Richard founded the design company R/GA in 1977 with the intention of taking quality design forward and into the motion arena. Today, they are a renowned company with a prolific portfolio that shows not only a plethora of majestic client work but also great innovation within the broadcast and film industry. R/GA are notably quoted for their opening titles on the first Superman film in 1978, Alien and Seven, for which Kyle Cooper takes the claim and glory. More than this though, the company works on a multi-platform philosophy where design has become to permeate our media frenzied environment more and more over the past decade.They are one of the major design companies at the forefront of some of the more interesting aspects of what the future may reveal.

In a podcast for Business Week, Brian Collins speaks with Mr. Greenberg on his approach and outlook, revealing what some may already be hoping for yet few have fully engaged with – From “dynamic signage” to “flexible templating”, the future for motion design is looking brighter everyday.

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