Original painting from L’eau Life, 2007. Copyright Jeff Scher

Jeff Scher has his work cut out for him as he presents a series of animated films for TimesSelect. During six months he will present a new work every four weeks. ‘L’eau Life’ is the first work made up from 2,141 paintings.

Scher has a wonderfully expressive form that reminds us immediately of some of the earlier master’s of experimental animation. ‘L’eau Life’ is a colourful display of everyday vignettes, full of joy and utterly playful. The technique of intermittent images, reminiscent of Norman McLaren’s ‘Blinkity Blank’ may well be a means of efficiency and yet the result gives a rhythmic dimension full of surprise, juxtaposing visual snippets with more persistent images. This sparse approach is in stark contrast to more traditional ‘pose to pose’ full animation yet leaves you no less emotionally engaged. Indeed, it intensifies the viewer’s experience. A highly energetic piece of positive energy.

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