Symphonie Diagonale 1924

The Swedish painter Viking Eggeling was considered highly amongst his contemporaries. Laszlo Maholy-Nagy notably gave him praise for his work in the graphic arts which focused on developing a new universal language in film. A language that was based on plastic abstract expression and one that ultimately opened up new territory for graphic art to exist in the film medium.
Amidst strong opposition, Eggeling completed his film, Symphonie Diagonale after four long hard years. The piece was groundbreaking work for the time and is arguably the first attempt to develop a new field in the graphic arts that laid the path for future artists working in the medium. Hans Richter had been introduced to Eggeling by Trisatn Tzara in early 1918 and both men shared their work and ideas.

“Like me, he had arrived at his theory by way of music, and always explained it in musical terms.”
Hans Richter. (From Dada: Art and Anti-Art, McGraw Hill 1965)

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