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The IAC Building ‘Media Wall’ gets the Trollbäck+Company treatment. Jakob Trollbäck’s sleek and beautiful motion designs adorn one of the World’s biggest screens. New formats for visual communication like this are becoming interesting, especially within the context of large spaces and the possible prospect for a motion rich urban landscape. The demand for moving images within our cities is perhaps reticent and for two good reasons : The technology is not quite there, not to mention the cost, and more importantly the question of how does one implement motion rich media within an already image saturated landscape remains to be discussed. It seems obvious that advertising agencies will be fighting for urban commercial spots yet this would be a great shame in my eyes. The finer and more helpful side of communication should be put forward as an argument for future projects. Do we have any answers from the Media Architecture Conference ?

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>>> Lecture by Jakob Trollbäck at SVA