The interactive bar installation or ‘Biotopes’ as it was named is an early project developed by Golan Levin in 2004 in which hand gesture becomes a means to interact directly with images on a screen. There may well be immediate thoughts of ‘Surface Computing’, Jeff Han and the Dialog Table. Levin claims to have come a little before the rush but that is not really the point. Interaction with the computer and screens, beyond the traditional keys and mouse, is only just becoming household talk, thanks to the crunchy ‘keep the doc away’ company. However, research into this area of how we interact and visualize information is becoming a hot topic and one that extends its possibilities far beyond pocket sized gadgets and the household computer. The image is taking on new spaces and indeed surfaces and with this the area of motion and the motion designer will have a pivotal role in how this imagery is presented as well as interacted with.

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