Film titles are slowly gaining the attention they deserve albeit some would go as far as to suggest that Oscars are needed. Amongst the various design sites on the Internet, more and more title related posts pop up by the week. It makes me wonder about if we are on a revival of the form or simply just waking up to a niche community of designers that have gone, for many, so long uncredited. With the excellent publication, ‘Uncredited : Graphic Design & Opening Titles in Movies’, by Solana & Boneu, a film in the making on Pablo Ferro (directed by R. Goldgewicht), creative little beauties such as Juno & Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, and the inspiring Submarine Channel, it appears we are finally taking note. Will we be able to digg out even more from the archives and at the same time push the form forward and perhaps into the realm of the Oscar ceremony ?

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