Morfism Video Still. © The Holograms 2007


onedotzero linked up with MTV to inspire new perspectives and present new talent. The result was Bloom and is 10 new talents from around the Globe.

“Bloom was a worldwide competition that searched for the very best up-and-coming creative talent. New filmmakers, animators and other creatives were invited to send in a treatment for a one minute film that explored the identity and community of their hometown, in a fresh way.”
Entries were judged on innovation, style, technical skill and interpretation of the bloom brief.


Untitled Video Still. © K. Kijek & P. Adamski 2007

onedotzero is the cross media production company that enjoys renowned fame for pushing boundaries in moving image creation. MTV are of course the home to all budding and aspiring moving image directors – a must have CV entry in climbing the professional ladder.
What I liked about the brief for Bloom was its final phrase, “in a fresh way.” The ten winners all shine with their particular sparkle yet their freshness, a difficult quality indeed, left some questions. To be new, fresh, innovative is to be purposefully risky, bordering upon the outer bounds of experimental. Otherwise we are repeating past form and formula which in my demanding eye was pretty much in evidence amongst some of these works. Beyond that rather pedantic detail though, Bloom succeeds in presenting a handful of young and creative talent that are smelling sweet and for whom I hope will continue to bear future flower.

Foreigners Video Still. © Ayala Sharot 2007

If there is to be one outstanding piece, for me it would have to be the work of The Holograms. The Holograms takes the title as freshest amongst the freshest – bold in form, communicative, simple yet intriguing with its keen eye for contemporary typography and good solid graphic composition that takes on architectural space. The piece is pushing the boundaries in terms of aesthetic. Its Pierre di Sciullo in motion. It’s what I’d love to see in full HD reality – the animated logo upon a building’s façade – its pure motion graphics taken to another level of sleekness and freshness.

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