Lambie Nairn updates with a new motion graphic for the BBC News.

Lambie-Nairn has kept the red colour scheme but replaced the dark backgrounds in an attempt to brighten them.
The BBC asked audience members what they associate with its news, and Horrocks (Peter Horrocks, head of BBC Newsroom) says, ‘the characteristics that emerged included the globe and the colour red’.
He goes on to say the new designs have ‘taken those well-established attributes and emphasised them further and consistently in a set of designs that will apply across all of the BBC’s core news services – on TV across the UK and on the Internet’.

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This rebranding however has caused quite a spark of comments on the editor’s blog for the BBC with some interesting insights into the design aspects of broadcast graphics.

Lambie-Nairn again surprises by opting for techniques that look rather dated and old-school. His style has always been to scale back the high-tech sheen and opt for simple flat designs. This amongst other things ushers in cheaper ways of creating on-screen graphics and widens the potential for VT editors to create well-branded graphics without expensive in-house designers overseeing the process. But he does it so stylishly.
Quoted from Tanglespider. Comment 149.

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For those who are interested in taking the nostalgic road, watch ‘BBC News through the Ages’ which is a compilation of broadcast designs for the news channel since 1954.

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