PART 4 Motion Graphic Designer: A Misunderstood Profession

Excerpt from an interview conducted in 2006 by Designflux ©Pyramyd Editions 2009

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Rick Poynor founded Eye magazine in London in 1990, edited it for seven years and is now its resident columnist. He writes the “Observer” column for Print magazine and he has written about design, media and visual culture for Blueprint, Icon, Frieze, Domus, I.D., Metropolis, Harvard Design Magazine, Adbusters, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and many other publications. (Design Observer)

In this short interview, Poynor reveals the problematic of defining motion design but also links the discipline with his personal interest in film. He focuses mainly on movie titles, talking with poignant ease about a number of works and eventually opening up to discuss deeper thoughts on the evolution in spectator literacy of the moving image:

“The audience has become enormously sophisticated…….you can produce imagery, that actually once would have been avant-garde imagery, and the audience can piece together these little bits of narrative implication to construct a whole scenario.”

He continues to develop on the various techniques that are used in digital film today, hinting that greater abstraction, symbolism and more graphic elements have their place and that “….the audience is ready.”