PART 5 Motion Graphic Designer: A Misunderstood Profession

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Adrian Shaughnessy is a self-taught graphic designer based in London. He spent 15 years as creative director of Intro, the design studio he co-founded. He left in 2004 to pursue an interest in writing and to work as a freelance consultant. Until spring 2007, he was consultant creative director of This is Real Art. Today he runs ShaughnessyWorks, a studio combining design and editorial direction.(Design Observer)

Shaughnessy was interviewed back in 2007 and gave a most generous insight into the more wider realm of the ‘moving image’ and its implications in the digital era. He develops various arguments to explain his view of how digital moving image culture and creation has a new syntax and language, divorcing itself further from traditional film. The epic, as well as our national broadcast systems has fallen to a D.I.Y. culture that is proving to be a dominant force and one that has a completely open means of distribution:

“Its a new electronic democracy. The user is much more participatory.”

However, Shaughnessy is not shy to express his fears for this new medium that is under ” a lot of pressure from commercial interest…..I think that the moving image’s biggest threat comes from commercial exploitation.”

Later in the interview, he remarks on how electronic music has parallels with what is happening in the moving image culture. Even though electronic music via the Internet has been less hampered by commercial forces, it shares a similar D.I.Y. culture and one that has created a wider audience.