My name is Mark Webster and I’m currently residing with my family in Paris, France. I work as a freelance sound designer, documentary director and journalist. If that wasn’t enough, I also intermittently work as an assistant director in animation. This weblog is a dedicated journal on a specific area – motion design. What is motion design all about? Well, that is exactly the aim of this blog. My intention is to take up that rather long yet incredibly rewarding trail into the signs of a discipline that has a rich, albeit somehow blurry history, and to shed light on some of the past, present and hopefully future currents in this fascinating field of flux. Using myriad references and developing upon these with insightful reflection, I am opening up a means for exchange and thoughtful discussion on what I believe to be an increasingly important field in design. I do hope that you will pass by and add your thoughts as the real intention behind all this is to be able to share that knowledge and that it can serve a meaningful purpose. Happy blogging !



24 Responses to “About”

  1. jeff scher Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Your website is a delight. Thanks for the mention indeed.

    I just started a new gig as a guest op-art columnist for the New York Times
    website TIMESSELCT. I’m to make a film every month through Oct. The first one went up today. It’s a two and a half minute (two thousand painting) film called “L’eau Life”. I pasted the link below, but not sure if the comment format took it. It is an exciting new venue for me and the first film works pretty well I think.


    Jeff Scher

    L’eau Life

    L’Eau Life
    Animation for Summer

    Click to watch the video


    For more New York Times video, go to

  2. Richard Says:

    Hi Mark,

    wanted to follow up with you in regards to the animated doc I’m making on Pablo Ferro.
    you can reach me at and we’ll make plans to have a phone chat…

  3. Ed Says:

    A choreographer friend of mine is looking for a dvd or other copy of James Whitney’s ‘Lapis’ – any notions about where it could be found [we’re in New York City].
    many thanks & kudos on the great website.

  4. Hello Mark,
    I’m motion graphics design and I’ve created a DVD of 150 alpha transitions reproduced from originals used in American productions during the 30s.
    The DVD has been developped for users of animation, DVD authoring and post-production applications and for those who wish to preserve a document testifying to the work of motion graphics pioneers.
    I think that could interest your readers of the categories 1930/1940.
    You can visit my site
    Thank you Mark !

  5. Marco Milone Says:

    I’m interested in animation and in motion graphic. Your website is what I’ve searched since I like motion graphic.
    Have a good work,
    Marco M.

  6. Carlos Says:

    Hey Mark,
    How are you? We haven’t heard from you since the interview.


  7. David Says:


    Well done, your research on the creation of motion art is noble and I shall check back often to read what you have discovered.

    I direct animation and have just finished a short about the importance of our city parks and the potential they hold. Please have a look here :

  8. Mark Webster Says:

    Hi there Daivid,

    thank you for your message. As you may well have noticed, I have had little time of late to write on the blog. There is so much more to uncover, discover and write about with regards to motion design and its history. I hope to continue……


  9. juan Says:

    Really good blog!
    is this you?

    talk to you soon


  10. mauro Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I would like you to have a look at our latest AD campaign, DIESEL KID,
    hoping you like and you will publish it.
    Could you please give me an e-mail address where to send this stuff?

    Thanks a lot,

  11. Rodrigo Says:

    Hello Mark! I’m from Brazil and I’m in my second year of graphic design…and I love motion design but I haven’t began to study about it. I found your blog and started to check it. Great!! I think I’ll do my conclusion study to get graduated in the motion design area. Do you have any advices to me? Thanks!!!

  12. Brian Says:


    Keep up the work, motion design and graphics within web design and broadcast channels is only beginning

    Happy to provide some sample clips to your users if required via

  13. zuriawati Says:

    hi mark
    my name is zuriawati, im from Malaysia.I have a question about motion itself. what the main problem that always appear when u r doing research? what the most important to became a motion designer?

  14. Hi,

    I would like to invite you to view my latest short film, recently submitted for onedotzero. the film is tittle SHIFT

    // Brief synopsis of the film

    Shift is about the unsettling, ever expanding matrix of arrangements.
    It is the permutations & combinations of the plastic reality and its implosion with the abstract.
    Shift borders around the disjointed, the regimented fine arrays of the real and the artificial.
    It is flowing, interrupted, divided, aggregated, mixed, mashed denominations of human behavior.

    It is the very human exercise… inventing, devising the newer absolutions… shifting the divine to devised

    View the film: SHIFT
    ( )

    Would love to hear any feedback regarding the film.



  15. Brainbow Says:

    Hello Mark! You may be interested in my new video 😉

  16. camille Says:

    Hi !
    Happy New Year from Nomoon Studio !
    Have a look to :
    Hope you’ll like it.

    Also on


  17. Drew Says:

    Hello Mark. My name is Drew Reid and I am an animator searching for a development partner. I understand you’re big-time but what the hell. MicroRevengers are nasty little a / i droids who deal out some ultimate justice. At , they have a heart to heart talk with the Pope, go into prison to get Bernie Madoff and in another adventure they visit a suicide vest maker. It would be great if you could check them out and a real gift to a struggling unknown if you could drop me a few lines with your thoughts. Many thanks, Drew

  18. Joe Hollier Says:

    I read about your blog in Adrian Shaughnessy’s latest book… I’m a graphic design student & recently have been experimenting with stop animations. Overall this site is just really informative & inspirational.

    here’s a project I just made for class,

    hope you enjoy!
    thanks again for the awesome blog,

    Joe Hollier

    1. Mark Webster Says:

      Hi there Joe,

      sorry for the rather late response. I don’t look after my blog too often and haven’t written anything for a long while now. I’m happy you find some of this informative.
      Well done on your visual diary piece. Really good idea and well executed. I’ve added it to my ‘designflux’ collection here:

      all the best – keep on working hard with your animations


  19. robin Says:

    Hey Mark,
    i’ve done a clip about facebook and social networking in general. I am about to study motiongraphics and i am looking for e blog or a website to show off my works. Just give this a look, maybe you like it!


  20. jessica Says:

    no rss?

  21. YURI ROJAS Says:

    excellent post, very good content, thanks.

  22. YURI ROJAS Says:

    excellent post, I loved ..

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