Varoom November 2008.
Mapping the Terrain: Making Images Move. Mark Webster. 2008

Boards Magazine: Substance over Style An Interview with four contemporary designers & producers on motion graphics. 2008

Interview with Alexandre Alexeïeff and Claire Parker. Hommage to Berthold Bartosch. 1969. (French)

Caroline Leaf An interview. Nag Vladermersky. 2003.

Unseen Cinema An Interview With Bruce Posner. John Conomos & Bill Mousoulis. 2002

Resnick, Elizabeth. Reputations (Interview with John Maeda). Eye Magazine Autumn Issue 37 2000

Kromotion. A variety of interviews with contemporary motion designers

Motionographer. A variety of interviews and articles

Objectif Cinema. An interview with Olivier Kuntzel & Florence Deygas (in French)

Interview with Saul Bass. Interview conducted by Frédéric Temps (in French)


6 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. eileen Says:

    Hello. Just curious to know if you were still interested in contacting & interviewing motion graphic designers and if so, where should I submit my proposal to?

  2. Mark Webster Says:

    Note to self.

    Many of the above links are no longer valid and I have a whole new selection to add.

  3. Once again an excellent written post from you. Keep it up!

  4. nice post…i’m going to keep checking back in

  5. hello Mark and motion designers, i started studying graphic design in 2006 and got an associate in digital media arts, i fell in love with flash but always wanted to make more, something like 3d but more like graphic design. One day a friend of mine told me about After Effects and i started taking a short course,but so short i think i just wasted my money, well…. So at the same time while taking after effects classes i discovered maya and started to mess with it.

    I got dissapointed when all my plug-ins for AE expired and stopped trying after effects because i said ” so to make cool animations and motion graphics i have to keep buying plug ins ALL the TIME??? nooo…….

    This year “2010” i registered to Full Sail computer animation program and i said well with 3d you don’t have to be buying plug in and i can make my own objects and use them anytime, but we are not going to use after effects like a graphic designer doing motion would so i’m kind of wanting to continue with it but also desiring to keep practicing with after effects , because i DO enjoy motion graphics like i enjoy music and every time i see some motion graphics work on tv or web i say to myself “man i wish i could do that ”

    I need your advice guys seriously what should i do because many motion designers use 3d content and many 3d artist use after effects too, i want to combine both but to make really good motion graphics with 3d .

    after effects renders very fast but it can make real 3d, maya makes many things but renders very slow and then i need after effects to make the final movie.

    Should i switch to a motion design field in my school and keep doing graphic design and get my bachelor or keep taking my computer animation classes which will be getting harder and harder and then just seat down and enjoy others doing motion graphics while in attached to a polygon shape with cool effects?.

    To be good at motion graphics you have to focus on AE, to be good in computer animation i need to de the same but with maya and zbrush.

    But i want to good at both!!!!


    How long does it take to be a good motion designer ?

    thank you guys , good luck for everybody

    Alexander Gomez – Alx21creations

  6. yas Says:

    I am graphic designer
    I want find a good article about character design in motion graphics.
    help me

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